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About Us

SUNRISE DREAM REALTY offers these unique values to our clients:

  • Our lifetime commitment says, “You are more than a client; you are our friend for
  • Our utmost integrity means everything we do is transparent from day one.
  • With 26 years of experience, Mayra leads our team with real know-how and best
  • We have extensive marketing resources through our numerous professional
    networks and organizations.
  • We are an independent boutique-style broker, enabling us to provide truly personal
    attention to all your needs.
  • Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner, SUNRISE DREAM REALTY provides unmatched, boutique-style real estate services.

    We are an independent broker, so we answer to no one but you and only you.

    From day one, you become not only our client but also our friend for life, and we work our hardest to earn your trust. Our decades of experience means real know-how and best practices to
    buy or sell your home at the right price at the right time. Choose the obvious.


    Always here.